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With a strategic, personal and creative approach – we assist key stake holders, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs benefit as much as possible from their investment and efforts in the digital realm.  We do this by integrating a 360 Digital Marketing Strategy, carefully crafted for your business. Our team members are passionate about what they do, which reflects in the result of their work. We go beyond digital marketing – we’re your trusted partner.


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    Leveraging time and efforts with AI

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    Empowering stakeholders & marketing teams
    Workshops | Events | Consultancy

Creating Value

Our goal is to give you, your existing and potential prospects great value. Digital marketing is about providing qualitative and memorable content, which makes your audience engage in your business – whether it’s online or offline.

With two decades of experience in strategic planning, digital marketing, paid marketing and brand positioning we know how to provide content that reflects your business values, which in return delivers tangible result.

Our Scope Of Work

About Soheartme


How it started

Soheartme (short for Social Heart Media) was founded in Scandinavia by Dina and Jan. Our first clients were among global brands and renowned music artists.


Relocating to SEA

Soheartme established their main office in Hua Hin, Thailand.


Our scope of work

Throughout the years we've helped startups to launch and skyrocket, we've streamlined businesses' brand message and held workshops for established enterprises and their marketing teams. We've also had the pleasure to witness aspiring entrepreneurs successfully implementing our digital strategies and harvest the outcome.

Dina Löwenfrid


Founder and visionary, Dina is the driving force behind the company. With a background as a Chemistry Engineer, Dina’s systematic thinking brought forward a skill, when she in 2004 created an E-commerce platform that ranked no. 1 on Google in Sweden.

Since then she’s facilitated business growth, implemented successful digital marketing strategies resulting in unique value brand positioning, increased lead generation and revenue stream.

As a soulpreneur who believes in an ethical and heart based business model, she is now dedicated to guide businesses and marketing professionals in how to integrate modern tools and technology as effortlessly as possible.

Jan Torndyb


Having worked with world famous music artists and with an extensive background from the music industry dating back to the 90’s, Jan learned what a great production entails.

His curiosity for the latest trends within the digital realm, has given Jan multiple opportunities to try the various forms of digital content, from the past when music streaming still was the latest trend until today’s exponential increase of various AI software and tools.

In a noisy world, where the Digital realm seems overpopulated with a flood of generic content, Jan believes in quality over quantity, which shines through in his work and lifestyle.

Words From Our Clients


Where are you located?

We are based in the coastal town Hua Hin, approximately 200 km south of Bangkok.

How can you help our business?

At Soheartme, we specialize in optimizing your digital strategy to help your business thrive. Our experts conduct thorough market research and evaluate website performance, aligning your online presence with your objectives. We unlock the full potential of your business through comprehensive insights and guidance.

What are your services?

We offer a wide range of services to help you build and elevate your online presence.

From website design and development to content production. Our latest addition to our services is how to integrate AI in your marketing strategy to leverage your time and efforts.

With our creative approach and commitment to excellence, we'll help you stand out in the crowded online landscape.

How much does a website cost?

We offer tailored solutions that cater to your target market and unique needs. Our pricing therefore varies depending on the project size. We provide user centered options that deliver outstanding results. Trust us to bring your online presence to life with a website that engages and convert.

Please contact us for more information.

How are you different from other agencies?

We've been in the game for a long time and gathered 20 years of experience. In the dynamic world of digital marketing, we've made businesses thrive online.

We won't offer you a "5 posts per week" service or sell you services that you don't need, but rather immerse ourselves into your business so we can create a profound 360 digital strategy - outlining short term and long term goals. Our team is dedicated to assist you every step of the way.

Do you work with clients from abroad?

We proudly work with clients from around the globe. We connect with businesses and individuals across different countries and cultures.

Our team of talented copywriters, marketers, and content creators are dedicated to delivering top-notch services that drive results. Let us be your partner in success, no matter where you are.

How will I know if you are the right agency for us?

Before every project, we meticulously evaluate your unique needs and goals to ensure a clear understanding of your project and work tasks.

With our honest and respectful approach, we strive to clarify the outline of our work process. We wish to be fully transparent and for our clients to be able to understand what they are paying for.

Let's start with a meet and greet, whether it's online or offline and thereafter determine the next step.

Do you offer Digital Marketing workshops?

We do offer corporate training for larger business entities. With our innovative techniques and industry insights, we will empower your marketing team to unlock its full potential in the digital marketing realm.

We do also occasionally arrange events and seminars for small and medium sized business owners as we see it important for the vast majority to stay updated on the latests trends, expecially in the age of AI.

If you wish to find out more, please contact us.

Posting on social media - how frequently?

We believe it's not about how frequently you post on social media, but rather the value and impact your content brings. If your content doesn't resonate with your audience, you will get less engagement resulting in lower visibility.

Besides, the resources for planning and executing quality content is much more efficient than to waste time and efforts on content that doesn't give you any tangible result.

What is a 360 digital marketing strategy?

Discover the power of a 360 marketing strategy. Our approach is all-encompassing, integrating various channels and touchpoints to ensure your brand's message reaches your target audience from every angle.

- Engage your audience with captivating social media campaigns.
- Make an impact with compelling email marketing.
- Boost your online presence with effective SEO techniques.
- Craft memorable and relevant content to captivate your audience.
- Create a sales funnel that gives value and engages your subscribers

Is SEO still relevant?

While we believe a great SEO strategy can be very beneficial for local or niched businesses, the more important question is - are there any better ways for you to allocate your marketing budget?

A great SEO work is in our honest opinion a nice to have, depending on your industry. A proper SEO work isn't just about keywords, but overall working on-site and off-site for optimal result. There are currently over 200 factors that may impact your ranking on Search Engines and these need to be maintained in order for you to keep your ranking.

The most important factors are: website speed and ux design for mobile devices

What is a good email open rate and CTR?

An 'excellent' open rate, also known as the percentage of emails that are successfully opened by recipients, can vary significantly depending on the industry.

However, a general benchmark for a good email open rate is typically around 20-25%.

CTR (Click Through Rate) benchmarks vary by industry, typically ranging between 2-5%. Use industry-specific benchmarks to evaluate your campaigns and identify areas for improvement within your email marketing metrics.

What is social currency?

Social currency is a person's influence on social networks, online and offline communities, and the value that information has when it is shared between individuals.

If something has a good social currency, then people want to continue to share it. In essence, it is a way to build brand loyalty and consumer trust by harnessing the power of recommendations and reviews.


How to use AI in marketing?

With AI tools, you can analyze large sets of data to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences and needs. This helps you to create campaigns and designs that are tailored to your target audience, resulting in more effective outcomes.

What AI tools are most beneficial to use?

It depends on your business industry and needs. There is a plethora to chose from and new, improved AI tools are introduced to the market consistently. To mention a few OptiMonk AI, ChatGpt-4, Jasper, ElevenLabs.

What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing automation is a powerful tool that streamlines your marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks and workflows. It allows you to efficiently manage and nurture leads, send personalized communications, and analyze data to optimize your campaigns. With marketing automation, you can save time, increase efficiency, and deliver targeted messages to the right audience at the right time. It empowers you to create personalized customer experiences, drive engagement, and ultimately, achieve your marketing goals.
What are some examples of AI in marketing?

AI technology presents a myriad of ways it can enhance the marketing industry. From analyzing large volumes of data to better-understanding customer preferences and creating personalized experiences, AI tools can streamline and improve marketing efforts.

Here are just a few ways that AI is changing the game for digital marketing:

  • Hyper-targeted Advertising
  • Improved Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Automation
  • Content creation

What are the benefits of leveraging AI in marketing?

AI marketing can be an asset in areas such as risk reduction, increased speed, greater customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and more. Benefits may be quantifiable (number of sales) or not quantifiable (user satisfaction). There are a few overarching benefits that can be applied across AI marketing use cases:

  • Increased Campaign ROI
  • Better Customer Relationships & Real-Time Personalization
  • Enhanced Marketing Measurement
  • Make Decisions Faster



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