Soheartme is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Hua Hin, Thailand. We are catering our services towards wellness, health and conscious lifestyle industry.

Our digital marketing agency consists of passionate people and we love what we’re doing which shines through in our results. We love to stay updated and can therefore share with you our knowledge about the latest trends and technology, giving you an advantage in your niche.

Our team has an extensive and profound experience within the digital realm and have backgrounds from Europe and Asia. Our expertise have excelled our clients digital presence and resulted in increased awareness and sales.

We love helping people who are helping people.



Soheartme stands for Social Heart Media. Multifaceted and multicultural, we supplement and support each other in our endeavours – just like we do with our clients. 


Having worked with world famous music artists and with an extensive background from the music industry dating back to the 90’s, Jan learned what a great production entails.

His curiosity for the latest trends within the digital world, has given Jan multiple opportunities to try the various forms of digital content, in the past when music streaming still was something new to nowadays NFT’s, Metaverses and cryptocurrencies.

In a noisy world, Jan believes in quality over quantity, which shines through in his work and lifestyle.



In 2004, Dina embarked on a journey when she created an E-commerce platform which ranked no. 1 on Google in Sweden. Well versed in sales and marketing, she has been working within various of niches – ranging from international makeup brands to local online communities.

As a soulpreneur who believes in an ethical and heart based business model, she is now dedicated to make a contribution within the wellness, health and lifestyle industry – helping people to help people.

Besides being the managing director of Soheartme, Dina is also passionate about integrative medicine. 


Melanie is a full-stack Web Developer specialized in programming HTML, JavaScript and PHP for over a decade is Soheartme’s Head of Development apart from being one of the Directors at Soheartme.

Each task no matter how challenging, is an exciting puzzle for her that often requires task solving skills and logical thinking in order to improve websites on many fronts. She combines her role of programming together with creating online marketing content for clients on various social media channels.

In her free time Melanie enjoys being with her dog, the beaches of Hua Hin and Photography.


Back in 1996, at the age of 16, Somchai started his own Web Development and Graphics Design company.

He has done jobs for global brands such as TotalJobs, Renault, Coca Cola, and Vodafone. Along the road, he also mastered the skills and knowledge in Digital Marketing and SEO which both quickly became core ingredients for the success of any online business.

As Head of Design for Soheartme, he continues to keep working hard as it gives him enormous satisfaction each single time when he makes clients satisfied and happy.

“We are a not for profit organization located in Thailand. Our website which was designed by Soheartme has become increasingly important for us as we work hard to continue serving the Thai- Myanmar border stateless community during the pandemic.

Soheartme has helped us through these difficult times with excellent, timely and very reasonable technical support. In fact the last problem we had with our website, which turned out to be major was solved by Soheartme for free! Excellent business with a great team. Highly recommended.”

Mark Curragh
Children of the Forest

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