Introduction Digital Marketing

Join us for this introduction seminar where we talk about branding and digital marketing essentials.

An inspirational day

In an ever changing digital world, it’s important to stay up to date on what’s working and what’s not.

Dina and Tony has crafted a two hours seminar where they will cover briefly the concepts of your digital presence and the best practices.

Since Covid happened more businesses are realizing that they need to take their digital presence seriously. But where to start? So much noise in this world, how would you stand out?

We’ll cover this in our mini seminar and we hope that you will join us! Save the dates!

Time: 10 am – 1 pm
Place: Daddy Deli (Hin Lek Fai)
Price: 490 THB incl. a sandwich & water or juice




Founder & Digital Marketing Professional

With a profound history of digital marketing, working in diverse business categories, with global and local brands and music artists, Dina keeps herself busy with implementing the latest trends in digital marketing.

Her strongest skill is to optimise your digital presence and convert your audience into clients. She believes in a personal and ethical approach and is a passionate advocate for this.



Marketing & Commercial Director

A marketing and commercial director with 12+ years of experience in the industry.
Having started my career in the Dutch Royal Navy as a communications officer with
various tasks in the communication related sector from liaison, marketing and
video production related tasks.

“We engaged Dina to assist in the development and skills enhancement of our marketing team at True Arena. Her professional and friendly approach made everyone feel relaxed, which in turn made it easier to absorb all that she shared. Her expertly concise and informative sessions certainly made a difference.”


– George Grecia, former GM at True Arena


Please fill out the form with your details and the date that you wish to attend. We will allow max. 6 participants for each session to make sure that you get the most out of these two hours. 

We’re looking forward to be spending some great time with you. 

The 20 first signups will get a free introduction consultancy where we talk about your current and future online presence. 

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