Hire the right marketing person by identifying your marketing goals and needs first.

Did you know?
There are more than 75 Digital Marketing job titles to help businesses on board the right candidate to their marketing team. These titles and roles are often enmeshed in the hiring process.
Who are you looking for?
CMO, Director of Content, Director Growth Marketing, Director Inbound Marketing, Marketing Operations Manager, Brand Manager, Paid Advertising Manager, Virtual Events Manager, Partnership Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist?
Just like for example healthcare professionals are defined in their position, so are actually marketers. It’s naturally easier to do crossovers in a marketing position since it’s all entwined.
Why is this important?
You need to understand who you really want to recruit in order to meet your goals. Choosing the right job title also defines their responsibilities. And the possibility for them to focus on their strengths within their field.
Just an example:
A person is a social media manager, doesn’t necessarily have the skills of a social media marketing analyst. Both professions in a team are crucial.
Social media manager being the creative and nurtures the online community, while the analyst deciphering the numbers to confirm where things succeeded and what could be optimized.
In between these two is a Social Media Strategist, who bridges the creativity and the analytics, creating a plan for the optimal outcome.
If you have a team of Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing Analyst, Social Media Strategist… then you might need to hire a Social Media Coordinator who coordinates it all.

Dina Löwenfrid


Founder and visionary, Dina is the driving force behind the company. With a background as a Chemistry Engineer, Dina’s systematic thinking brought forward a skill, when she in 2004 created an E-commerce platform that ranked no. 1 on Google in Sweden.

Since then she’s facilitated business growth, implemented successful digital marketing strategies resulting in unique value brand positioning, increased lead generation and revenue stream.

As a soulpreneur who believes in an ethical and heart based business model, she is now dedicated to guide businesses and marketing professionals in how to integrate modern tools and technology as effortlessly as possible.

Jan Torndyb


Having worked with world famous music artists and with an extensive background from the music industry dating back to the 90’s, Jan learned what a great production entails.

His curiosity for the latest trends within the digital realm, has given Jan multiple opportunities to try the various forms of digital content, from the past when music streaming still was the latest trend until today’s exponential increase of various AI software and tools. 

In a noisy world, where the Digital realm seems overpopulated with , Jan believes in quality over quantity, which shines through in his work and lifestyle.

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